architecture beginning to end : a building to build a building

harvard graduate school of design : thesis
critic : mack scogin
spring 2019

Buildings have conventionally been known to be the defining factor of architecture, but architecture's definition as being preoccupied with the production of buildings inevitably creates a condition in which things are and are not considered to be architecture. In an unproductive binary of is and is not, the edge between the two presents a possibility which points to a shared thickness in which one thing becomes another.

The border between the US and Mexico is not so different. Edge as site provides the origins of an edge that became what it is today. In 1849, the joint United States - Mexican Boundary Commission mapped and marked the boundary line. The 258 obelisk shaped markers placed
on the very lines itself are a physical thickening of a border that was a previously an imaginary line. These monuments stand unchanged through time as precedents for a sacred ground agreed upon and shared by both countries : a condition possible due to an edge existence.

Architecture Beginning to End is about an architecture on the edge of becoming : A Building to Build a Building is a 31 mile long architecture that straddles the border with a focus on how it came to be rather than what it is.

final thesis review
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