shelter me

mit architecture studio i
prof jan wampler
team : anna k. + juanita b.
fall 2013

This project required the design of a shelter for three people. The proposed shelter could act as a prototype for many parts of the world that need temporary shelter. Presently, there is an estimated need of shelters for two million citizens from Syria, mostly in Jordan. The same is true in many parts of the world. Our team's main goal was to achieve some sense of privacy for the individuals who might inhabit it.

The shelter is made of four pyramidal figures, the largest being located at the center. This arrangement allows for multiple configurations.Thus, whether the inhabitants are a group of strangers, friends, a couple, or even a small family, the triangular pods allow for privacy. We felt that a lack of privacy was a shortcoming in other shelters where space is often limited to a large area.

Materials were purchased with a total budget of $150 and included lumber, plastic sheeting, steel plates, and insulation boards.

We designed the shelter in one week and were asked to build it on site in less than one hour.