in the (g)round

fairy tales competition : when architecture tells a story
hosted by blank space
december 2017

From the brief :

Telling a story is the primary way of communicating a message effectively to every audience.

Fairy Tales are the most accessible stories humans are able to tell. It's not at all a matter of them being simple -- they present structural rules, precise patterns and feature distinct elements.

They are as sophisticated as a specimen of great architecture, and like great architecture they are relatable, fascinating and understandable to all, even to those who have no expertise -- whether that is the life-expertise that children are too young to have, or the architectural eye that the general public is not called to develop, but that architects intend to catch.

Fairy Tales is a single phase competition. Participation is open to architects, designers, writers, engineers, illustrators, students, and creatives worldwide.

The five drawings submitted for the 5th Annual Blank Space Fairy Tale Architecture Competition were made with an interest in creating images that celebrated both the hyper distilled and the overly complex using only two elements : a black background and white lines.

written narrative